Part of our Service offering is to use the following strategy to achieve our goal. HEAL THE NATION is committed to transform the lives of people.

Operation Scan With Operation Scan, our aim is, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, to identify people who are in desperate need of help and who want to change their lifestyle. The person will be registered and will adhere to all terms and conditions of the Ministry.


Operation Take-in

Operation Take-in, the person will be cleaned-up, clothed and fed during the duration of his/her stay. HEAL THE NATION reserves the right of admission and have the final decision of whether a person is ready to leave the facility or not.


Operation Shake-up

With Operation Shake-up, we will put the person back on their feet with sound doctrine and wise counsel. Our methods are based on God’s word (The Bible). HEAL THE NATION is committed to everyone and is none discriminitive. Part of our process is to tell people how to have a relationship with God. HEAL THE NATION reserves the right to make use of any material approved by the Ministry to train and equip people.


Operation Send-out

After such time deemed by HEAL THE NATION, the person will be released from our facility. With Operation Send-out, the person will be monitored by ourselves. He/she will be released back into society fully equipped, and ready to make a difference, and duplicating him/her self into the lives of others.


Operation Follow-up

HEAL THE NATION will keep in touch with the person when he/she leaves our facility. With Operation Follow-up, we want to ensure that the person is well adjusted in society and are able to make sound decisions not just spiritually but in business as well. Our aim is to introduce a well adjusted person back into society.


Operation Partnership

Through Operation Partnership, we will commit ourselves to form a lasting relationship with the person. Part of our commitment will be to make sure the person is well adjusted to operate in society. We need sound people who can make sound decisions on a business and spiritual level.