Company Profile


HEAL THE NATION is a ministry/business that believes entirely in GOD and depends on GOD for help in all our activities. Our initiated projects need funding support on a continuous basis. Part of our initiatives is to create jobs for the communities and these jobs need to be sustained.

Our plan is to have sustainable interventions so that we will be able to sustain activities in the future. Currently, HEAL THE NATION is looking forward to donors and partners who will assist the operational costs and the construction of the proposed Multi purpose Community Centre.




  • HEAL THE NATION is dedicated to transform the lives of people.
  • Put our communities needs first;
  • Transform knowledge into value for our communities’ benefit;
  • With full dedication, strive to conduct our business in a more integral and independent way;
  • Recognise that our communities needs are paramount;
  • Strive for excellence in all our dealings with our communities;
  • Be responsible corporate citizens;
  • Strive for perfection throughout the way;
  • Strive to be an institution which is a truly representative of the demographics of our country;



Valuable socio and economic contribution towards the up-liftment of less fortunate communities focusing on women, youth and people with disabilities in providing effective and efficient skills based training, empowerment programmes and networking based on Christian Values and Principles.

HEAL THE NATION is an institution that is active in providing consulting, training, empowerment and other services focusing primarily on the less fortunate communities such as informal settlements in respect of:



We are specialists in all facets of our business i.e.

  • Information technology;
  • Business Process Engineering;
  • Business Analysis;
  • Interior Designing;
  • HR Management;
  • Resource Management;
  • Recruitment Agencies;
  • Skills Development Officers;
  • Change Management;
  • Professional Councillors;
  • Life Coach;
  • Youth Mentoring;
  • Christian Education;
  • Assessments;
  • Facilitators



Flexibility in finding alternative and innovative solutions to the needs of our less fortunate communities.



Respect for our people, our clients/partners and community at large.




We are the best, dedicated and committed leaders as well as specialists in the field of community upliftment by restoring, rebuilding and releasing of positive well rounded people into the mainstream of society.


Becoming a strategic partner of our communities through encouraging the involvement of our communities and partners from the project/assignment inception stage through to project implementation and handing over. Skills based training such as computer training, basic programming and other needs. This deepens focus communities understanding, ownership, maximises skills transfer and capacity building thereby building sustainable value for our communities.



We are committed to plough back into our communities through:

  •  Promoting education and training of young people;
  •  Promoting Economic development;
  •  Promoting and supporting Emerging Entrepreneurs.

Our actions in conducting our business will demonstrate our care towards our South African Communities especially the previously disadvantaged sectors.


Being independent allows us to be objective and impartial in the provision of solutions to our communities’ needs.



The management of HEAL THE NATION consists of ‘hands -on’, dedicated and committed people who will ensure that the values and upliftment of our less fortunate communities prosper and become self sustainable and vibrant communities. CV’s will be provided on your request. We earnestly believe that our Institution can be of paramount importance and of benefit to Communities that are less fortunate as indicated above. We have extensive experience and expertise in the field of imparting knowledge, skills, social upliftment and Christian based upliftment, which can be of benefit to your organisation/Government’s objectives. Should there be a need to address any problem identified we shall always be on board to provide expert advise and service.




MD. CEO – Pastor Joe Michaels (B.Th)
Director JHB Office – Joe Michaels  (B.Th)
Marketing Manager & Strategist – Collette Michaels (B.Min)
Director CTN Office – Pastor Peter Davidson