Written by: Dr.Johan Potgieter



The opinion of God concerning me is the only opinion that really counts for anything in my life. No more, no less. These affirmations therefore are confirmation of who I am in Christ Jesus. It is now entirely up to me to appropriate the reality of it in my life by confessing them daily. When these take root in my spirit, I will see myself the way God sees me, as valuable and precious, with real purpose!

1. Jesus was never hurried or rushed. He did everything in a measured, deliberate fashion. I should follow His example and do the same. I should never take on anything if I cannot do it with complete calmness of spirit. When I take on more than I can handle, I am the cause of my own stress in my own life.

2. Jesus never had to stay busy to prove anything to anyone because He knew that God’s sons don’t have to. I too am a son of God and therefore don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

3. Jesus’ identity didn’t come from what He did, but who He was! He was pleasing to the Father merely because He was God’s beloved Son. That’s all. My self-identity therefore doesn’t arise from what I do, but who I am – fully accepted, beloved and approved by my Father.

4. My Father believes in me. He loves me whether I am worthy or unworthy, faithful or unfaithful, good or bad. This is because His relationship with me is based on who He is and not who I am and He is always consistent with His own character. I am secure because of who He is and I am in Him.

5. My Father loves me because He delights in me. No matter what I do or leave undone, He will not stop loving me, because He is love! He is more concerned about me knowing how much He loves me than me trying to love Him the way that He loves me. His love toward me must become my love for others.

6. All self-power can be a stumbling block in God’s plans for me. God will therefore help me to eradicate all self-power from my life at its source in order for Him to do His own work in my life.

7. All things that are negative, contrary to the Word and of a depressive nature will not be allowed to influence my life in any way whatsoever. I therefore make a deliberate effort to only ponder and think on that which is true, noble, just, pure, lovely and of good report.

8. God the Father has called me to be at peace with Him, others and myself. I will therefore be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, I will make my requests known to Him as a child would to a parent because I am at peace with my Father.

9. He cares about me in a compassionate way and will give me the needed rest in the midst of trials and tribulations. This is why I can with ease and peace cast all my cares on Him. Jesus is gentle and lowly in heart and I will find that His yoke is easy and His burden light and I will learn from Him.

10. Times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord and I will therefore be refreshed every time I come into His intimate presence. I make a special effort to do this on a regular basis for my own spiritual good and well-being. Drinking from His oasis refreshes me daily.

11. When I meditate on the Word of God day and night, it will not depart from my mouth when I observe everything that is written in it, and so my way will be prosperous and I will have good success. My success in this life is measured by how much I start looking and acting like Him.

12. My true identity is found in God. I am therefore a visible expression of my Father here on earth. I therefore diffuse His fragrance everywhere I go when I display His love to the world.

13. Now that I understand how my Father feels about me, I can rise to a new level of love for the Father and my self-worth and love for others will increase with the same measure.

14. I am secure and steadfast in my relationship with God because He provides me with the necessary power equal and above anything that I may face in this life. Fear is therefore not my portion, faith is.

15. My life has become a blessing to others as I look out for their needs and not my own. Their concerns in life become my prayers to the Lord. I therefore do not live for myself, but for others.

God has exalted His Word even above His own Name. The priority He has placed on it should be the priority that I place on it in order for His Word to become part of my spirit and therefore my life. The Word of God is water that flows over my spirit and soul by confessing it over my life. When I allow my faith to rise up to what the Word of God says concerning sickness and disease, then that same Word that flows from my mouth will rise above the level of sickness and disease and drive it out by confession. Confession is therefore confirming the written Word and speaking it so that my ears can hear it. What I must do is find out who and what I am in The Father’s mind and how He sees me and only confess THAT over my life. The reason that many people are in bondage is because they don’t understand the effect of their words over their own lives. My daily confession of what the Father is to me, what Jesus is doing for me at the right hand of the Father and what the Holy Spirit is doing in and through me builds a solid, sure foundation for good spiritual health. I should not remind God and myself of my past-confessed failures because it breaks me down instead of building me up.


I must forgive myself and move on! I have no right to walk in self-condemnation when God has forgiven and forgotten the sins that I have committed.

My success and usefulness in this world is going to be measured by my confession and by the tenacity and boldness with which I hold fast to that confession under all circumstances, regardless of the opinion of men. My confession either releases me or imprisons me.


My mouth will always confess what I believe, positive or negative. The Word says that as a man thinks, so is he. So, if I get my thinking right, my believing will be right, if my believing is right, my confession will be right, if my confession is right, my life will become a joy unspeakable and full of glory. If I am in the habit of confessing only my weaknesses, my confession will neutralize me. On the other hand though, my lips can become the means of transportation of God’s deliverance from heaven to my needs and those of others here on the earth. Jesus walked in the light of His confession. He was who He said He was. He therefore was what He confessed. His confession of who He was and the Father’s view of Him set Him apart from the rest of the world. Jesus’ words were true to His nature. He never confessed what He was not. I have found that my confession of who He is, what He has done and who I am in Him always raises my faith to higher levels.


The Father will be to me what I confess Him to be. If I see Him as a far-off God, then that is the kind of relationship I will have with Him. He desires a deep, intimate walk with me though. If I therefore see Him as my Abba Father, the One closer to me than the air that I breathe, then that is what He will be in my life. My Word-ruled confession is what challenges the world and its beliefs. It is important to remember that I cannot have more respect for God than what I have for His Word. Therefore Jesus’ words in His mouth are the same as His words in my mouth which flows from a heart of faith. My words must be few, and when I do speak, it must be words carefully chosen so that I can successfully order my world through them.


God is Who He says He is I am who God says I am

God can do what He says He can do I can do what God says I can do

God has what He says He has I have what God says I have